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Der Fortschrittsglaube

Titel: Der Fortschrittsglaube : Geschichte einer europäischen Idee / Bedrich Loewenstein
Veröffentlicht: Göttingen : V & R unipress, 2009
Umfang: 463 S. ; 25 cm
Format: Buch
Sprache: Deutsch
ISBN: 9783899715217
Lokale Klassifikation: 1 7 U ; 1 15 M ; 60 15 M ; 60 5 A ; 2 K 66 ; 2 M 162 ; 2 H 451 ; 60 15 S ; 22 7 Mk

The belief in continual progress has played a central role in society for many hundreds of years now - both for supporters and detractors. But how much of that belief still exists today? This book offers an overview of the historical thought in Europe, from antiquity to the present day. In essay form it takes us on a sort of mental Odyssey, with the semantic construct of progress as our compass. The author is interested not only in the origins of this concept, but also the way its definition has changed throughout time and not the least the connection between the theoretical concept and actual practice. No patent answers void of history are conjured up for the search for progress today, nor for possible ways to escape an uncertain world. Practical problem-solving, however, may be able to provide more sharpness to the debate and realistically raise our awareness by looking at the paths belief in progress has taken in Europe. Bedrich Loewenstein combines intellectual, political, and culture-historical aspects in this volume. His interdisciplinary approach and European horizon distinguish his work. German text.