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Europäische Erinnerung als verflochtene Erinnerung

Titel: Europäische Erinnerung als verflochtene Erinnerung : vielstimmige und vielschichtige Vergangenheitsdeutungen jenseits der Nation / Gregor Feindt ... (Hg.)
Veröffentlicht: Göttingen : V&R Unipress, 2014
Umfang: 274 S.
Format: Buch
Sprache: Deutsch
mehrbändiges Werk:
Formen der Erinnerung ; 55
ISBN: 3847100521 ; 9783847100522

Starting point for this publication is a critique of the unreflected instrumentalisation of "European Memory" as exposed in current public and academic discourse. In order to respond to this pernicious tendency, the contributions to this volume develop an approach that accentuates the polyphony and multiple layers of memory.Rather than understanding "European Memory" as a normative ideal or an empirical concept for days of remembrance, museums, or schoolbooks, this approach perceives "European Memory" as a discursive reality of which academia is an integral part. It manifests itself whenever actors pick up 'Europe' in their interpretations of the past. Covering a broad spectrum of European memory ranging from the Vikings to the Srebrenica massacre, the volume includes very different attributes of European self-descriptions and enquires into the entanglements of memory in present and past that are linked with these interpretations.